Ashreichem Yisrael

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ברוכים הבאים להוֹרָוִויקִי, אוצר מידע לריקודי-עם שכולם יכולים לערוך! יש לגלוש ל– דף ראשי .‏

Hebrew: אשריכם ישראל (How Fortunate are You, Israel). Circle dance by Yankele Levy, 1978.

The words are from the Diwan, parts of a song entitled Shaddai El Ma Nora.

The music of the second part has 19 counts, in measures of 4-4-4-7 (or 4-4-4-3-4). That part of the dance is 5-5-5-4, that is, a 5-count section repeated 3 times, followed by a 4-count walk. So the dance crosses over the measures of the music in interesting ways.

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